Customs Specialist


This role is to handle the tasks related to Customs Declaration for import-export and make sure the goods get through the customs in time.


  • Ensure legally compliant import and export for the plant in Serbia, including customs audits and legislative tracking;
  • Prepare customs declarations and control all documents before the customs clearance process;
  • Monitor the preferential calculations and EUR1 certificate;
  • Execute FTZ regulations and customs procedures related to FTZ operation;
  • Manage and control customs risks, supervise and assist in handling abnormal customs operations, standardize import and export business operations, review and controlling import and export expenses;
  • Keep abreast of changes in national import and export policies, and maintain good communication and cooperation with the country customs inspection bureau.


  • Major in Economics, Logistics, and international trade;
  • At least 2 years of experience in customs operations (import and export customs clearance, origin calculation, or customs administration);
  • Knowledge about International Trade, Logistics, Customs compliance, and FTZ regulation;
  • Knowledge of international finance and related financial, tax, products, and equipment in customs declaration;
  • Good understanding of Serbia, USA, EU Customs regulations and procedures, processing trade, eBooks, HTS classification;
  • Experience in communication with customs officials;
  • Good in using MS Office and ERP software (SAP, PLEX).

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