Game Designer

Webelinx Games

We’re a mobile development studio born in Niš and, in the past 10 years, we have published a lot of great apps and games in casual categories. Thanks to our expansion, in 2020 we established an independent gaming company named Webelinx Games with the mission to create a memorable gaming experience for millions of people worldwide. At this moment, we have over 15 million active players and we are growing continuously. In a stimulating environment, Webelinx Games gives talented people the freedom to explore and nurture their potential, which is the foundation of our company.

Our team is looking for a Game Designer who will join us. As a Game Designer, you’ll be in charge of the creation of our innovative games for different audiences and game platforms. You’ll work as a part of a multidisciplinary team of game developers, designers, animators, writers, sound engineers, and quality assurance engineers. This team further develops the ideas of the Game Designer. 


  • Designing games for a range of devices and platforms that engage and capture the imagination of the user
  • Collaborating with other departments throughout the development of the project and making sure that it meets the highest quality standards and that the players have the best experience
  • Conducting market research and cooperating with the Marketing and Analytics teams to understand audience preferences
  • Being responsible for the design and documentation of all gameplay and narrative aspects of games; game design documentation includes a detailed description of gameplay, game mechanics, features, player interactions, and overall user experience
  • Suggesting and implementing new features or updates to solve problems and enhance player experience
  • Being up-to-date with mobile game market trends, playing and analyzing mobile games, and sharing new insights with the team.

A huge plus would be if you’re passionate about video games and you:

  • Have previous experience in a similar position
  • Have a genuine interest in F2P and mobile games, as well as the wider world of gaming
  • Understand the specifics of F2P mobile games
  • Have basic knowledge of how the software development process and basic principles of the art design and animation work
  • Are fluent in the English or Serbian language

This position is preferably located in Niš, with the rest of our team, but it could also be remote.

If you are interested in improving our projects with us, make sure to get in touch.