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Mopex Ltd was founded in 1997 as a family owned company. The key activity of the company is the service of professional hygiene maintenance and daily maintenance of the business facilities – “the modern genitor”. Mopex is also importing and distributing professional machines, equipment, chemical products and disposable material.
In 2015, Atalian Global Services made acquisition of Mopex Ltd and continued with successful business achieved through the modern way of work and organization, implementation of the advanced methods, and use of up to date machines and equipment.
In Serbia, ATALIAN’s multi-service offer revolves around 6 core service lines: Facility Management, Cleaning, Technical maintenance, Security, Front of house, Landscaping.
Each day in Serbia, more than 1000 collaborators demonstrate their commitment and support to public and private clients alike, by devising solutions that are adapted to their needs.
Quality in all areas of business is the main characteristic of our company.

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