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Adacta is an international software company founded in Ljubljana in 1989. Today, it has about 400 employees spread across several European cities: Ljubljana, Maribor, Belgrade, Moscow, Brno, Amsterdam and Zagreb. In short about Adacta Belgrade, office was founded in 2002 and employs over 50 people. Company combines the latest technologies, innovative solutions and knowledge of business processes to help insurance companies improve their operations and reach their potential.

Adacta’s core product - AdInsure - is a powerful platform that supports all core processes in insurance companies.


Developing AdInsure as a fully configurable smart platform that supports cloud or on-premises deployments.

The client-side development focused on an HTML and JavaScript-based application written in the Angular framework. The user interface is developed using Bootstrap framework.

Server-side development is based on WebAPI technology and uses Microsoft .NET Core (C #) and Node.JS. We also use ActiveMQ and Elastic Search.

Our customers can use various databases, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle solutions as well as NoSQL databases.


Adacta offers several benefits, let us point out some highlight:

- Flexible working hours and hybrid work environment, you can choose between remote work and office based on your needs

- Educational budget

- Guided onboarding and mentorship

- Private health insurance

- FitPass, coffee/drinks/fruit in the office, birthday gifts, language and training courses, teambuilding, entertainment and socializing - we believe in the importance of both physical and mental health

We encourage teamwork where everyone learns from each other and nurture a culture of asking questions and accepting ideas.

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